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Things I Learned… October 21, 2008

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No, the vest isn’t done yet.  I still have to do the i-cord trims.  Hopefully I’ll finish those tonight and make the toggles for the front tomorrow.  My cat, Arwen, has developed quite the fondness for this vest.  She likes to snuggle on it, wherever it is.  My lap is irresistible when the vest is on it.  I left the vest in the middle of the couch the other night, where the cats don’t like to sleep even when we’re sitting on the couch.  She spent the whole night asleep on the vest!  I think she likes the wool smell, because she won’t sleep on that spot if we put one of my crocheted blankets in that spot. 


I can try the vest on, though I haven’t taken pictures of it.  It’s very warm and heavier than I thought it would be.  But considering that it’s about 900 yards of bulky yarn, I really should have expected it to be heavy.  The pockets are a little small (I can’t fit my whole hand in one) but that’s ok.  I’m excited to be able to wear it around town.  However, I made some discoveries while working on this project.


Things I’ve Learned from the Estes Vest


Never, ever slip stitches on edges that are going to be seamed. (see previous ranting.)


I’d rather graft than seam.


Picking up stitches on an unslipped edge is tortuous.


What the heck do you do when you pick up a stitch in each row, but don’t end up with enough?


Just because a project only has 1 color of yarn, that doesn’t mean you won’t spend hours weaving in ends.


I’d rather work a Fair Isle with 12 colors where each color is used for only 1 row than seam.


Steam blocking may be faster, but isn’t sufficient for a big project.


Did I mention the slipped stitches issue?


Seaming along two cast off edges- what’s up with that?


Knitting something that isn’t covered by shoes is pretty fun (but mittens and hats go in that category too!)


I’d rather knit with the worst, cheapest acrylic blindfolded with my feet than seam.


I haven’t done it yet, but I have a feeling I’ll learn that I don’t like applied i-cords either.



Pictures when everything is finally finished!  Probably Thursday.  Knitting time is limited by cat naps.


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