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Ballooooooons October 9, 2008

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Hi from sunny New Mexico!  We had a great flight down here- there were only the two of us in the row of seats, so I had plenty of space to spread out my knitting!  I have to remember, though, that I hold the yarn in my left hand and if I want to put my knitting bag down on the empty seat between us, I should probably make sure that that seat is on my left.  Tangling ensued.  But that’s okay.  I got quite a bit done on the plane and made use of a great new skill.  I have mostly mastered the art of knitting without looking! (Stockinette at least.) So, what’s a knitter to do with a window seat and a “knit every other row even” pattern?  Have a good old time, that’s what.  Lowell is kind of freaked out by my new talent, especially when I stare at him and knit at the same time without making a mistake (which happens about every 20 stitches or so).

This morning we woke up at a horribly early hour and went to the Balloon Fiesta.  We ate breakfast burritos and hot chocolate before the sun came up and wandered around watching people set up their balloons.  When the sky lightened, balloons started being inflated and we did some more wandering among the rising balloons.  Totally awesome.

Today was “Special Shapes Day” so a lot of the balloons we saw were dragons, rabbits, beer bottles, and even a cathedral.

Look, socks!  See how much they’ve grown since the book signing?  Incidentally, that was the only picture I got to take today.  Every time I asked for the camera, he tookk the picture for me.  See this next picture?  That’s totally not the picture I wanted to take, but the camera was glued to Lowell’s hand.  Oh well, still a good picture.  And I am certainly not related in any way to the tall ohotographer in the hat.  Not at all. 

We had a lot of fun today.  The balloons were spectacular.  As the sun climbed higher and hit the balloons, there was a contest to see which balloons could pick off a “cash prize” from a series of polls.  The balloons flew right above our heads as we watched.  I mean, the baskets were probably only 10-20 feet above our heads.  Don’t have any pictures of that… that was also snack time.  Mmm, roasted corn.

Aren’t those bee balloons too cute?  More about knitting next time!


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