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PSA September 22, 2008

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Say you want to design a scarf or a sock or a hat.  And let’s say that you don’t want to own ten different stitch dictionaries like a certain blog author.  This author doesn’t really understand why you wouldn’t want to own so many dictionaries… after all, there might be one or two stitch patterns that you don’t have in other books, even if most of the patterns are the same.  This author is insane.  Actually, this author might be heading over to Amazon to order the Barbara Walker Treasuries.  Hm, maybe she shouldn’t, due to the previously suggested insanity.


So, what if you’re one of these knitters without dictionaries? Can you never design that perfect item? Wait, there is hope!  A light at the end of the ball of yarn!  Check out these cool online stitch dictionaries for all your stitching needs!


Lion Brand Stitch Finder – About 45 stitch patterns, plus some trims.  The patterns are mostly knit/purl or cables (not much lace) and aren’t too complicated.  The pictures are good and show the whole swatch.  (Actually, now that I look at the pictures even closer… they look just like the photos in the Vogue guides. Hmm.)  Also has crochet stitches.


Knitting on the Net – A good collection of different stitch types, from knit/purl to cables, lace, and even some mosaic/slip stitch patterns.  Some of the stitches link to free patterns that use the stitch, which is nice.  Good pictures, but most don’t show the edge of the swatch.


Knitting Fool – This was my favorite before I started obsessively collecting dictionaries.  It’s a fairly massive collection of stitches but not all have pictures.  You can look at just the stitches with pictures here.  Looks like now the site has a fee to see all the stitches; you can only see about 400 of them for free.  Good pictures and you can browse by number of stitches, pictures, or alphabetically.


Jessica Tromp – This site has some amazing color work charts; Fair Isle, intarsia and more.  She’s also got some Aran cables, crochet, and knit/purl stitches.  The site is a little hard to navigate around.  It reminds me of websites back in the ’90s, just a bunch of text and maybe some tables with a sidebar.  But, if you can get around the page, it’s pretty worth it.  My biggest tip:  Don’t forget to scroll down.  The thing you’re looking for is most likely at the bottom of the page.


Abracadafil – For the really adventurous.  This is a French site with a number of pretty stitches, about 170 of them.  The biggest category is lace. There’s a few here that I really like and you’ll probably see them on a pair of socks soon!  You can find the translation of French knitting terms here.


Some of these sites I had used previously but some, like Abracadafil, I found through a forum post about online stitch dictionaries on Ravelry.  I love Ravelry!


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