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Coincidence? September 8, 2008

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I hadn’t thought about making a tam o’shanter until Norman suggested it.  I had been thinking of a traditional snow hat, but a tam is a great idea (they’re not really meant to be pulled down around sensitive ears).  I had always thought that the tam o’shanter was from Scotland, though, so I looked up a little more about it. The name originates from Scotland, but tams are found in both Scotland and Ireland.  Irish tams have more Aran styling to them, which is great, because I love Aran cabling.  Browsing around for some pictures of traditional Aran tams, I found these:

Pretty and traditional!  I’m fascinated by the symmetry of these cables.  So, having found my inspiration, I headed off to Ravelry to find some free tam patterns so that I could figure out how these things are made.  What I found was this:



Looks just like the other tams, right?  This is the Aran Tam from One-Skein Wonders.  Isn’t that perfect?  And then, fate struck.  I looked at the yardage for the pattern.  350 yards.  “Well, that’s great!” I thought, “that’s about how much I have.”  Then, a glance at the suggested yarn…:  Kerry Woollen Mills Aran Wool!  I was practically floored by the coincidence.  I promptly (by that I mean the next morning) rushed to the library and checked out One-Skein Wonders.  That hat is going to be mine! (Well, I’ll probably end up changing it somehow… maybe sub a cable or two.  It’s just how I work.)  It’ll be just the right project to tide me over.  Tide me over until what?  Keep reading.


I’ve abandoned my sock WIP (work-in-progress, for the non-knitters.)  There’s nothing wrong with the yarn or the pattern.  It was just perfect a week ago, but now working on it makes me want to throw the darn sock across the room.  And it’s really not the sock’s fault.  I’ve been suppressing my extreme desire to knit something else.  And, as many of you know, once you’ve secretly given your heart to another project, nothing else will do until that new project is cast on.  What’s the project that’s got me pining away, unable to work on my previously fabulous, beautiful silk/wool sock?




The Estes Vest from Interweave Knits Fall 2008.  I don’t even know why I’m so in love with this.  But I have to make it.  Nothing else will do.  I’ve read the pattern probably 10 times so far.  It’s knit in bulky weight, which I don’t really use much (being a sock knitter and all.)  I’m itching to knit something bigger than a sock.  I really want to take the plunge into sweater knitting; the challenge of sleeves and necks and steeks intrigues me.  I live for learning new things.  The problem, though, is that I’m right in the middle of loosing some weight.  (I know everyone say that, but trust me, this is happening.)  Why spend hours, days, weeks, knitting a sweater that will be too big by next year?  So, I’ve very carefully squashed the knitting urges. 

But this vest… Vests can be a little big; they’re meant for layering.  Vests aren’t quite as much of a commitment, especially if knit in bulky weight, what with the “no sleeves” thing.  And look at the cute toggles!  (Which I want to make out of polymer clay.)  Let’s face it, the yarn is already in my cart in Knit Picks.  Wool of the Andes Bulky, in either Scuba or Sky, I keep changing my mind, which is why I haven’t actually placed the order yet.  But I think I’ll finally flip a coin and place the order in a few days.  Must… make… vest…!  But will make pretty hat until yarn arrives.


7 Responses to “Coincidence?”

  1. Lowell Says:

    Oooh… I could go for a pretty hat. It’d be fun to wear around Whistler after skiing. Nice!

    Sky matches your ski gear better… but I like the more subtle tones of the Scuba. Both are nice… I’d probably go with Scuba, unless you want to match ski stuff.

  2. Norman "father-in-law" Meyer Says:

    Woohoo, my father (Norman the Elder) wore a Scottish tam in the McKenzie plaid pattern most of his adult life while doing things outdoorish (hiking, canoeing, cutting firewood, etc.). I have one or two of his tams in my possession. I’ll send you a picture or two of him with his tam on! If you make a tam out of the wool I gave you, I just know my Pop is smiling down on your project.

  3. Elizabeth Says:

    I ordered that same yarn in Scuba for the Estes Vest. Can’t wait to start it!!! And you’re right, I have no idea what the appeal is, I just know I want it. 🙂

  4. jeannie Says:

    The Scuba – definitely! But then I love the teals and turquoises. :0)
    The vest is really amazing. I’m not crazy about a lot of cables either, but this one is nice!

  5. […] just have to find some good buttons for it now.  I know I said I’d like to make the buttons, but I tried that on Thursday and nothing I made seemed, well, any good.  Which seems to […]

  6. […] who followed the Estes saga might remember that one of the reasons I wanted to knit it was because it had no sleeves.  […]

  7. The yardage in the book had to be the yardage of the yarn I used. However the tam itself, before the pom pom, uses less than the 190 yards in a skein of Lamb’s Pride Worsted (actually more an aran weight). I am just finishing one in color M240 Prairie Goldenrod Anyway, I’m glad you liked it.

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