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Bamboo Blue Pretty! August 28, 2008

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I’ve been neck deep in a secret project for the last few days.  I mentioned a while ago that I was trying to design something manly for Knitty’s winter issue?  Well, that project fell over, hit its head, and suffered a major stroke.  But then Lowell and I (mostly Lowell) came up with another idea and since then, it’s been a whirl of yarn shopping, knitting, frogging, knitting, fitting, and weaving in ends.  Hopefully the sun will come out long enough in the next two days that I’ll actually be able to take pictures of the project before the deadline hits.  Man, wouldn’t that be annoying; I get the whole project done and written up… and then can’t photograph them.  Well, here’s hoping for some sun tomorrow.


On my quest to find the perfect yarn, though, I’ve run across a wonderful yarn seller!  Argosy Luxury Fibers. I ordered 2 skeins of secret yarn (Hanna Sport, Blue Mills) and 2 skeins of Solace, Starry Night.  *drool*  This yarn is so soft that I just want to cuddle with it all the time.  I had this horrible vision of a delicately cabled blanket made out of this stuff- you know, the kind of project that would be so stunning (and so stunningly expensive) that the very act of making it would make the rest of life meaningless.  I quickly shoved that vision into a back closet in my brain and stacked several mental crates in front of it in hopes that it won’t come back out to haunt my dreams.




100_3469 100_3467

Hanna Sport, Blue Mills

Solace, Starry Night


Her pictures are much better than mine (click on her thumbnails for a gorgeous close up of the yarns.)  I waited all day to take these pictures in the sun, but as previously stated, the sun did not appear.  The colors are pretty accurate, but you miss the beautiful shine.


So, anyway, I ordered these yarns.  And as soon as the box arrived, I tore it open to discover my 4 beautiful skeins… and 2 extra skeins. My first thought was, “Wait, did I order yarn and totally forget about it?” Then I saw the note from the owner.  Melissa included the yarn for free!  I literally squealed aloud with delight.  (Gave the cats a good fright, it did.)




I was so excited that I even called Lowell at work and babbled something like, “Oh my god, free, bamboo, blue, pretty!” and then hung up.  The yarn she sent is Bonsai Bamboo in Teal. I am already head over heels in love with Hanna Sport, which I used for the secret project.  I’ve got about a skein and a third left, too, which I’m crazy excited about.  It’s so soft and silky and lightweight, you just have to feel it to believe it.  I think the Solace is next on the project block, but I think a pair of gloves made out of the Bonsai is soon in my future.  Let me tell you, the combination of great yarn with such a nice gift… Let’s just say, I’m putting in another order in a few days for some Christmas knitting supplies.  I’m not sure if the stars have aligned to shine a bright and inspiring light into my life in the form of silk blend yarns… or if this is some sort of conspiracy by my credit card company to get me to run up mountains of debt.


Honestly, I’m not sure I care which one it is.


2 Responses to “Bamboo Blue Pretty!”

  1. Cobbalicious Says:

    I freakin’ LOVE bamboo. Does this stuff hold together pretty well?

  2. dailyskein Says:

    I don’t know about the Bonsai Bamboo yet; it feels great, but I haven’t knit anything with it yet. Soon, though. Very soon. The Hanna Sport is holding up great so far. It’s got a bit of a halo, but no splitting or anything like that. I’ll post any updates on the yarn as I knit them! (As we speak a swatch of the Solace is going through the washing machine.. we’ll see how that turns out!)

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