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Is Moronical a Word? August 16, 2008

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Hello, this is Cailyn’s Common Sense.  She’s completely taken leave of me, so I decided to hijack her blog.  The public must be informed about her lapses in judgment!  She is unfit to lead!  Unite and revolt from under her tyranny, I say!

Listen to what she did the other day.  She finally finished that pair of socks that she’s been working on, you know the ones.  The ones that have been giving her no end of trouble since she finished the heel of the first one.  She finished them and wanted to take pictures of them, clearly.  I told her to go upstairs and use her pretty little light box and sock blockers to take the pictures.  No, she said, she wanted to take the pictures outside, the light was better.  OK, I said, go into the backyard and use that spot from the Danube socks, that worked out pretty well.  But did she listen to me?  Of course not! That fool wanted to take the pictures near some water.

At this point, as you can imagine, I was pretty fed up. I mean, here were some perfectly good options and she just shot them down!  But, I’m a professional and I don’t get paid to give up on a stubborn client.  I listened as she outlined her plan.  She was going to a park up the street, which has a pretty cedar bridge and a stream.  (Of course, I said, the stream will probably be dry, since it’s been 85 degrees lately.)  No matter, she said.  It’ll be pretty anyway.  She decided that walking was better than driving, saves gas, burns calories, etc.  Again, I pointed out the temperature.  She ignores me.  She has to bring the tripod, because no one else is stupid enough to join her on this mission.  It won’t fit in her CamelBak, so she grabs the nearest thing- a messenger bag.  Doesn’t have time to look for a backpack, since it’s already 2:30, she said.

Well, at least take some water, I urged her.  She put a water bottle, the camera, the tripod, and the socks (which had almost been forgotten in the messenger bag switch) into the not-quite-big-enough bag.  And this bag was heavy! She stepped outside and I almost convinced her to turn around.  It was pretty hot and she was going to be walking on an asphalt path next to a big road with no shade…  She put in her headphones and turned on a Lime and Violet podcast and I knew I was lost.  I decided to just stay home.  Let her go have her crazy photo shoot on her own.

I hear she didn’t even make it to the stream she was heading for.  She decided to take the pictures at this underpass on the trail, sitting on a half-rotten log and getting crawled on by big ants (she hates ants).  She told me that the rocks were really neat-looking.  I told her that if she had gone outside to take the pictures because the light was better, then taking the pictures in a dark underpass kind of defeated the purpose.  She didn’t really have anything to say to that.  She even looked a little sheepish!

Really, the woman should not be allowed to take pictures by herself.  It’s just unhealthy.  Although, she did take this nice one at the end of the street.


She said to tell you that the pattern for the socks should be up early next week.  And to stop typing and give her her darn blog back.  I don’t know though, I think I’m a better writer than she is.  Ha, she’s threatening to sic Sense of Humor on me.  We’ll see about that…



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