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Chapter 3: In Which… July 31, 2008

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…We Learn the Inner Workings of Our Author’s Mind

No, I didn’t just post a rocking sock pattern and then take off for Mexico with my imaginary ill-gotten gains.  It’s been very stressful here, which I’ll enumerate shortly.  I want to take a minute to say thanks to everyone who’s commented on the Danube Socks! I’m really glad they’re a hit and I really enjoyed knitting them.  I’m already planning another twisted stitch design… I think I’m hooked!

Why has it been so stressful here, you ask?  Well, I’m ashamed to admit it, but I’ll come confess.  I’m getting my wisdom teeth (all of them!) out next Monday.  And I’m scared to death about it.  Everyone says it’s no big deal.  Doctor says I’ll be so drugged up that I won’t even remember pre-op when I wake up.  Hubby says everything will be fine.  But I can’t stop thinking about it.  I’m having trouble sleeping and I’ve been nauseous all week.  Not fun.  Every time I think about it I want to smash something in pent up frustration-fear or want to cry (usually solved by a nice peaceful stash dive).  I’ve never had any kind of surgery before.  I like to think of myself as a fairly no-nonsense person, someone who does what needs doing, a cool head in a crisis.  But this has knocked me for one hell of a loop.

Anyway, long story short, I haven’t felt much like writing lately.  On the plus side, I get a drug named “Vicoprofen” for afterwards (can you guess what that drug is made of?) For some reason, that name really cracks me up.

As I mentioned in an earlier post, I was scheduled to teach some Girl Scouts this week.  I taught 6 classes in 3 days at a Girl Scout camp for girls 5th-11th grade.  It was pretty fun.  We made all kinds of chainmaille, tutorials for which will probably be up on the blog soon.  I also got to hook up with a good friend who I haven’t seen in a while who was also teaching there.  She took some of my adult classes on chainmaille and she’s done fabulous things with it!  Check out her Etsy shop and website.  (Just because I can’t make chainmaille anymore doesn’t mean that I can’t spread the word about it!)

So that took up a lot of time, time that I could have been knitting!  I’m trying to design a sock to submit to Knitty, which isn’t going as smoothly as I had hoped.  I’m using a great colorway (sorry, it’s a surprise!) from Blue Moon Fibers.  I also ordered a little something else… all I can say is that the yarn looks stunning in person!  I also snagged a copy of two of the old Harmony Guides, which I actually like a little better than the new ones.  So many pretty stitch patterns, just waiting to be knit into socks and mittens and gloves and hats…

Erm, excuse me.  I have to go knit.


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