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Twisted Stitches July 18, 2008

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I spent all yesterday (minus the time for a bike ride, grocery store, laundry… you get the picture) in a marathon knitting session to get my latest sock finished. I got mostly there. I finished up the toe this morning… and then waited around anxiously, looking for the perfect lighting to take pictures outside. There was some stunning sunshine yesterday around 3 o’clock, but of course the sock wasn’t finished yet. In accordance with MLA (Murphey’s Law Association) guidelines, it was overcast all day today and the promised sunshine never appeared. But here’s what I managed to get:

Knit with Knit Picks Essential, in Mermaid. I’ve named them Danube, after the river that runs through Vienna, Austria. I took a river cruise down the Danube when I was in high school, and it was magical. The socks are my attempt to design a traditional Austrian twisted stitch sock. I haven’t been able to find much information on the traditional sock design, just a few sentences in Folk Socks by Nancy Bush and Eunny Jang’s blog, so these might not be entirely traditional. My grandmother is from Vienna and she wants to take me and my sisters there again, so maybe I’ll scour the city for knitting books if that happens.

I’ll have lots more details later, as well as more pictures, and of course a pattern eventually.  Now, we’re off to see a midnight IMax showing of the Dark Knight!  I’m excited, I haven’t seen an IMax movie since I was in school.


One Response to “Twisted Stitches”

  1. Tunie Moreno Says:

    What a beautiful pattern! I can hardly wait to begin knitting them. I bet your grandmother from Vienna is thrilled.
    Cheers from way down under here in southwest Australia-

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