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Socks? July 10, 2008

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My in-laws took off yesterday, so life is back to “normal” for the time being.  We had a lot of fun and I did get a lot of knitting done.  I worked on two different socks- one that is technically tricky and one that was very simple (for walking around or knitting in the car.)  While my in-laws don’t quite understand my obsession with the craft, they’re very tolerant of it.  I got the leg of the challenging sock completed and finished the heel and gusset of the simpler one. Of course, with all this wonderful knitting time and productivity, something had to go wrong.

I’ve been struck down by the Gauge Demon.  You know the one, big pointy horns, red eyes, and covered in discarded swatches.  I gauged each stitch pattern carefully, measured, multiplied, and then cast on a number of stitches that should work (and has worked in the past.)  But then the Demon saw that I had not tried on the socks after the ribbing section or even halfway down the leg.  And he decided that the sock, that should by all reasonable logic fit perfectly, would suddenly be too small.  Not quite too small to put on… just circulation-stopping small.

I hate that guy.

This is my easier sock.  Louet Gems Pearl in Caribou (I’m trying to use up some Gems from another project that used 8 skeins of various colors… and didn’t really work out) and the lovely Pagewood Farm Denali in Navajo.  This sock went with me everywhere.  See how much work I got done before the Gauge Demon struck? ? *sigh* I messed up the heel all by myself, though. I might reknit this one, I really liked how fast it worked up, but it might be bumped for another project.

My technical sock.  I love this sock. I’ve always wanted to knit one of those beautiful Austrian twisted stitch socks, especially as my grandmother is from Vienna.  I’ve tried a few times before, but I don’t think I ever had the right yarn.  Or I was too impatient.    The sock above is knitted with my other skein from Pagewood Farm.  I love the yarn and the color, but the lighter bits are a little distracting in the pattern.  So the Gauge Demon has actually given me a good excuse to switch yarns.  I’m reknitting the sock (correctly sized this time, take that demon!) in some Knit Picks Essential Mermaid.  The revised sock is knitting up pretty fast!

Speaking of Knit Picks, I bought a nice big box of yarn from them to try out some of their new stuff/colors.  I love Knit Picks.  Essential feels so great on my feet, soft and springy but easy to knit with.  Wool of the Andes is great for felting and comes in so many colors! Especially with the high gas and food prices, the idea of getting two skeins of sock yarn for under $7 is really attractive.  Plus, free shipping is always a nice perk.  I enjoy going to my LYS and splurging on special or beautiful yarns (like the Denali), but a large chunk of my stash is from Knit Picks.  Really, this isn’t an ad for Knit Picks.  I just love their yarn and felt like I needed to justify my Knit Picks stash, lol.

Check out that new superwash/alpaca/nylon sock yarn there in the upper left.  I’m excited to knit that up! (Can you tell I like blues?)


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  1. Kady Says:

    sooooooooooooooooooo pretty!! :):):):)

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