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Rambling Rivers July 2, 2008

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Last weekend was my birthday. It was a gorgeous weekend and we went kayaking down a section of river we hadn’t been down before. Everything was going great- this section has a lot of Class 2 rapids instead of our normal route which is mostly lazy with a few interesting bits. Personally, I think some parts of this section were Class 3. Anyway, long story short, I fell out of my kayak during some rapids. Got banged up a bit while scrambling for shore (that river moves fast when you’re on foot!) Of course, the Snoqualmie doesn’t always have a shore; often times it’s just a mass of brambles and thorns growing from a wall of dirt. The bruises are pretty impressive.

So, I’m one year older and have spent the last two days scrubbing down every square inch of my house. My father-in-law is allergic to cats, and we have two, but if we keep a room completely cat-free all year round. So if I clean up every shred of cat hair and dust everything, he can stay here with little to no trouble. For him. It’s trouble for me, lol! I usually don’t mind, but scrubbing the floor on river-bruised knees is less fun than it could be.  They’re here now, though, so let the fun begin! (And, ironically, more knitting time than I had before they arrived.  I’ve got two pairs of socks planned…. but honestly, no matter how much knitting time I have, I’m not going to finish even one sock, am I?  Not the way I frog!)

Speaking of frogging, last Christmas at my in-laws, I was working on a hat.  I didn’t really expect my radical hat design to work, but I kept chugging along.  By the time the plane landed, I had ripped out the just the cast on 4 times!  By Christmas Eve, I had half a hat done. Then I decided that it didn’t match what was in my head and frogged the whole darn thing (it had 4 colors, so it was quite the thing to frog.)  Partly, I had a knitting project that was going to start on Christmas Day for Lowell and I didn’t want a half-finished hat sitting around.  Well, my mother-in-law was shocked.  She told her mother, “She was almost done with a hat… and then… she tore it all out!”  (Lowell’s side of the family doesn’t craft much.)  I frog a lot.  I should get some sort of frogging trophy.  “Best in Frogging” or “the Froggiest” maybe.

I did manage to finish my project from my last post, or at least half of it.

Cute, summery mitts for those times when it gets chilly in the evening or for wearing at the movies in the freezing AC or typing at the computer. (That’s where I’ll be wearing them!)  The Lakeside Mitts start with a twisted ribbing, have a pretty but fairly simple lace pattern on the top but a smooth palm for easy wearing.  They’ve got a thumb gusset made with YOs and the thumb stitches are not held to work later, so the glove is all one piece.  They use Pagewood Denali and Louet Gems Pearl.  So soft, so very soft.  The pattern will be coming soon!


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