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Bag Lady June 13, 2008

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The sun finally came out today! So after my much-needed yard work (blech!) I spent some time taking pictures in the sun.

First I took a few pictures of the lupines growing on the other side of our driveway. I love lupines. These are the inspiration for the pair of socks that I’m currently working on. Unfortunately, the half-finished socks didn’t get their picture taken in the sun. I was too busy taking pictures of these:

I made these reusable shopping bags for my grandmother. Queenofdiy has a great tutorial over on Craftster on how to make them. I don’t add a pocket to mine like hers, but I think they’re still awesome. (And take less time to make!)   The four fabrics are batiks from JoAnn. My grandmother has a dress that looks very similar to the lower right bag and the other 3 just cried out to me. I hope she likes them!

I also made a little “scrunchy” to hold all the bags together on the way to the store. See how small they fold up? Folded, they’re about as long as my hand and stacked they’re about as tall as my hand is wide. So about 7″ishx5″ or 6″?

People are always amazed at how much these bags can hold. I filled one up with some groceries to prove that there’s tons of space. I never use all five of my bags at the store; I end up using just three or maybe four if I’ve got a lot of big things. I used to being 6-7 plastic bags home.

These bags are pretty fun and easy to make, which is lucky because I have to make 4 more very quickly. The handles are a little tricky the first time through, but trust in the tutorial! (Edit 10/31/08: There’s a good tutorial here on another way to do the handles.  I think it’s much easier.)  Once again, freezer paper is my savior. It’s great for so many things, stenciling, quilting, and just general sewing. I have one freezer paper bag template that I’ve used to make all my bags; I just trace a fresh template onto more freezer paper when the first one runs out of sticky.

Hopefully the Lupine Socks will be up some time next week. Until then, I’m going to enjoy the sunshine this weekend!


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