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Accidental Yarnage June 2, 2008

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I was doing some shopping on Friday. I have been “commissioned” (um, I think it’s only a commission if you get paid) to make some reusable shopping bags for my grandmother’s birthday by my mother. I’m also going to be making some for my mother since she liked mine so much and I’m going to make some more for someone else (but I can’t say who, because they read this. I wouldn’t want to ruin the surprise.) Clearly, I need a lot of fabric. There’s a store here called Pacific Fabric and Crafts that is always my budget’s downfall. They sell fabric and yarn. It’s deadly. Their fabrics are beautiful (if a little expensive) and their yarn is wonderful too.

Well, I was being so good. I got just enough fabric for my bags, didn’t get anything for me. (Oh, be honest. You bought more fabric than you strictly needed.) The line was particularly long, so I thought I’d just drift through the yarn section instead of waiting in a boring line. I was sure that there wasn’t anything I needed. Although that cotton was pretty interesting…

Wait! What’s this??

So pretty! So soft! So socky! (Socky??) Let the battle begin!

In this corner, we have a hand-dyed, merino/nylon blend, hailing from northern California. This yarn is nice and squishy, dyed light blues with hints of purple, with an adorable logo. But don’t be fooled, it shows no mercy!

And in this corner, we have an indecisive knitter who loves shades of blue, squishy yarn, and socks.

I don’t think there was really much of a fight. Pretty much a KO in ten seconds. So, into the basket went this yarn. Now, carefully back away before you see somethi–

Too late. This colorway knows all my weak spots. It’s turquoise with some terra cotta and cream. Mmmm, my favorite. I think these skeins were on a tag team. I normally try very hard not to buy too much from a company until I’ve knit up at least one project with their yarn. Once upon a time, I bought an obscene amount of yarn for a crochet project, certain that I would love the yarn… Well, I bet you can figure out how that ended up. It split, it shed, I hated it. I learned that lesson the hard way.

But I just couldn’t decide between these two skeins. Turquoise… baby blue… purple… cream… I love them all! And really, it’s not that expensive; I mean, it’s 450 yards in a skein, that’s only a few cents a yard! (If only that’s what showed up on the bill, 3 cents a yard.) I could get 4 projects out of these two skeins if I’m careful… (You do like short socks. Or maybe gloves!)

Obviously, you know the end of this story, because there are pictures of the yarns. Yup, I broke down, swore I wouldn’t buy any more yarn for at least a month (ha!), and tried to convince DH that if I didn’t have this yarn I would have wasted away in unrequited love. I don’t think he bought it. But I have the yarn! Now I just have to think of a project that’s worthy of such beautiful colors. I’ll keep you posted.

I really hope it doesn’t split or shed.


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