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Insert Title Here May 24, 2008

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*sigh* I’m so frustrated right now. I’ve been working on a pair of socks (do you ever work on anything but socks? my inner voice asks.) They’re wonderful socks, I really like them. Or so I kept telling myself. I frogged the toe 5 times before I got it “just right”. (Which turned out to be the way you did it the first time, didn’t it?) I conveniently ignored the fact that they were slightly too sung. I knit for what seemed like eons to get the foot the right length. (The foot looks much too long, but it sort of fits.) I liked the yarn (Trekking XXL.)

I even put in a lifeline before doing the heel and frogged the heel twice before getting it perfect. I’ve bent over backwards for these socks! And how do they repay me?? By making the small cables on the cuff between the motifs look terrible! (Maybe you should have swatched the small cables too, idiot.) In a fit of anger, I decided I would just drop the offending stitches and pick them back up (10 rows of them!) in the pattern that I wanted.

Well that turned out great. Nothing like trying to fix 10 rows for 8 stitches- don’t do the multiplication, I don’t want to know. Especially when you’re frustrated, tired, and being punched in the arm by the cat who wants petting. Now I’m so kerfluddled (that’s not a word!) that I can’t even look at these socks anymore. I really had high hopes for these socks. I should have known from the darn toe that they would be trouble. They might as well have driven up on a motorcycle with terrible yarn piercings and a bad dye job. But did I listen? (Oh no, you said they were just misunderstood.)

Maybe we just need some time apart. Time to see other people, er, knitting. Yeah, that’s it… a beautiful excuse to start that other project… Wait, you don’t think these socks knew that I was dreaming about another project, do you? I didn’t cast on, I wasn’t cheating on the socks!

I’m sure I’ll return to them soon. They really are nice socks, on the inside…


One Response to “Insert Title Here”

  1. Carin Says:

    Kerfludded must be a word, I have heard it before and and I know what it means. I too, have been “kerfludded” with some knitting projects. I also use the tactic of putting the project aside for a while, so I am less “kerfludded” and can reflect on how to best to proceed.
    I like the yarn colour and the cable motif.
    Good luck.

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