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Sock Block Part 2 May 11, 2008

Filed under: Musings — Cailyn @ 9:26 pm

I finally gave in to DH, who pointed out that rather than drive myself batty trying to draw a perfect replica of my foot in 2-d, I should just buy the cute sheep sock blockers from the Loopy Ewe that I’ve been talking about wanting forever. I reluctantly admitted that he made “sense.” You might have noticed them in the pictures of the Shenandoah Socks. But what’s this now? What is the crazy sock lady doing now?

Sock blockers are very nice for taking pictures of socks. They are. But those mannequin feet are so much nicer… they show off the sock beautifully. I bet you can see where I’m going with this now, can’t you? I have long feet- not clown big or anything, but longer than “average”. And all the mannequin feet are made for an “average” woman’s foot. So I have a choice. I can either knit all my designs to fit the display foot or have sloppy-looking pictures. Knitting the socks to the display foot would be rather silly, since I like to wear the socks I spent so long knitting. So I thought to myself, I bet I can make a perfect mold of my own foot using (what else) duct tape, like those seamstresses do to make their own dress dummies. So I diligently covered my left foot in duct tape (isn’t it a pretty blue?) and tried to cut it off my leg without distorting it too much. Word of caution to my future self: Use sharp scissors, not the dull old pair that you’ve been meaning to throw out to cut through 3+ layers of tape.

Then I took everything out to my garage, mixed up some plaster of Paris, and propped up my taped-up mold. I even put a few small rocks in the toe to help the balance (smart, eh?) Did I think to wrap the mold in a plastic bag in case of leakage? Why in the world would a mold made from a knee-high stocking and duct tape leak? Suffice to say that there was scrambling and some chiseling off of dried plaster from the table. Oh, did I mention that I also didn’t calculate, or even estimate how much plaster it would take to fill that mold? After mixing up a small container of “super strong” plaster, I had just enough to… come halfway up the heel, after leakage (it kind of looks like a clog made out of plaster.) *sigh* So, now I have a horribly off balance, wrinkled (because I didn’t pull the knee-high tight,) and truncated foot “thing” that weighs a ton sitting in the garage. It also has pieces of stocking practically fused to it. Maybe I should keep it around to remind me to think all my projects through before encasing my foot in duct tape. Or maybe I should just chuck it out and try the same thing with that expanding foam they sell at hardware stores…..

So, it’s been a busy week, but sadly very little of it has had to do with knitting (unless you count my foot thing as knitting-related.) My mother and sisters are coming into town this week, which means there’s been a lot of (*shudder*) cleaning. There’s also been fun things, like bike rides and hikes. I’ve been working on the second pair of socks in my Series of Interesting Sock Construction (…maybe I should think of a better name.) But I’m experiencing a bit of second sock syndrome. I usually knit my socks two at a time on two circular needles (used to be one long circ, but that’s a story for another time,) but in a rare moment of clarity and forethought, I realized that striking out on my own to design a sock more than likely involves a lot of tinking and frogging. Frogging one sock is bad. Frogging or tinking two socks at once is much worse. Plus, I can use the second sock as a dry-run pattern test, if I manage to stick to my own written instructions. I do have the toe halfway done on the second sock, at least… that means I’m almost done, right??

Taking a break from sock knitting, I whipped up this little guy.

A friend of mine just got her first cat and all cats need knitted toys. I’m felting the little cutie (the knitted mouse, not the cat) as I type, so hopefully all will be well (ha!) and I can post the pattern for him tomorrow. I think I might make him a little frog friend, too. Stay tuned!


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