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Sock Block May 1, 2008

Filed under: Musings — Cailyn @ 8:50 pm

So, I’ve decided I need some sock blockers. Why, you ask? Is it because my socks come off the needles misshapen and confused as to their purpose in life? Is it because my feet are strangely shaped and knitted socks cannot cope with the horror without some sort of support structure?

No. I need a sock blocker because it is very hard to take a picture of your own feet in any sort of artistic (read: good) fashion. Believe me, I’ve tried. I’ve pulled muscles, fallen over, and nearly broke the tripod by kicking it accidentally while holding my feet in the air. I’m planning on putting a number of sock patterns up here, so I need a good way to photograph them, right?

I’ve seen loads of good sock pictures taken on blockers, and I even have a neat lightbox to take the photos in. DH and I made it out of PVC pipe and that plastic that’s supposed to go over lights in offices. This is an easy problem to solve, right?

While there are many, many beautiful sock blockers available on Etsy and other places, I have somehow convinced myself that I can make a better one, cheaper. How have I come to this conclusion? I’m crazy. I do this all the time, and it drives DH nuts. I’ll spend days attempting to make something, getting frustrated, making a mess, and generally cursing myself for this idea. Here I am already, thinking about what materials I can use. Cardboard? Functional, but not very pretty for photos. Polymer clay? Hm, that’s a big item to make out of clay; what if it warps in the oven? Acrylic? I could have the plastics store cut me a sock-shaped piece… but it’s a long drive to that store (and let’s not forget the strange looks.) Wood? I don’t have a good way to cut the wood into shape…. Ooh, glass! Wait, self, how are you going to get a sock-shaped piece of glass? You don’t have the tools to do that! Drat.

I think this deserves a trip to the craft store to find the appropriate materials… šŸ˜€


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